Mood Lifters for YMCA Health & Wellness Programs

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“Mood Lifters and the Y helped me find myself again.”

– Dana (Mood Lifters YMCA Participant)

“I saw Mood Lifters was being offered at the YMCA to which I belonged, and I signed up. I started to build a ‘toolkit’ to handle the ups and downs of my life and I also appreciated being held accountable for actually doing something, on my own, to feel better.”

– Erik (Mood Lifters YMCA Participant)

Could your mood use a boost?

Mood Lifters is currently designed for adults facing stress, difficult life situations, depression, or anxiety. Our program is helpful to anyone who is seeking to enhance their mental wellness and live a more positive and fulfilling life. We can help participants learn strategies to better cope with a wide range of common problems, including:

lack of joy or pleasure, stress from work/school, feeling blue, chronic sadness, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, life transitions, loneliness, boredom, loss, feeling a lack of meaning in life.

Our Solution:

Mood Lifters is a novel mental wellness program that improves mood and helps your member thrive. Our program successfully addresses many of the barriers preventing people from seeking the mental health services they need, by offering easily accessible help at a much lower cost. There is far less stigma associated with attending a peer group session (in fact, our members often call it “class”) that provides social support and human connection, which is lacking in one-to-one sessions or mobile app approaches. Finally, our program empowers  members to change their own lives, addressing their desire to improve on their own.

“Mood Lifters helped me feel understood and gave me an outlet to open up about my personal experiences. It also gave me tools to use in my everyday