“Mood Lifters is the ultimate framework to take an experience that is life altering and give parents the opportunity to move beyond surviving and into thriving.” – Nikki, Palliative Care Group Participant

“Mood Lifters helped me feel understood and gave me an outlet to open up about my personal experiences. It also gave me tools to use in my everyday challenges.” – Alexis, Palliative Care Group Participant

“I learned methods I will use my whole life. Mood Lifters is clearly a way to live a life of peace.” – Diane, Mood Lifters Participant

“On the advent of me getting my life back, I want to thank you. Mood Lifters has changed my life in a short four months.” – Greg, Mood Lifters Participant

“Mood Lifters is sincerely one of the most beneficial programs I have ever gone through. I looked forward to every meeting and I consistently use the tools I learned to this day.” – Teresa, Palliative Care Group Leader

“Being a Mood Lifters leader means that I can help others reach their highest good emotionally, and mentally. When people feel good emotionally and mentally they are usually happy. I love making people feel happy!” – Dana M. Banks, Mood Lifters Leader

“Being a Mood Lifters leader allows me to put my energy into helping other people boost their mood, make connections with others, and improve their lives to be more meaningful and rewarding.” – Paul, Mood Lifters Leader

“As a manager of a large department on campus and an alumni of the Mood Lifters program, I highly recommend the Mood Lifters program to all staff at U-M. Today, more than ever, staff need an avenue where they feel comfortable discussing their feelings and sharing various situations that they have encountered to develop strategies for thinking through them in a healthy manner. I came away from the program with a better understanding of how to manage my feelings and developed strengths to feel like the best me. There is something to be said about sharing with others who are going through similar situations. You start to realize that you are not so different after all and that you will be OK. The program also gave me the tools to be a better leader and ultimately show more empathy towards my colleagues.” – Jennifer, Mood Lifters Participant

“This program is like personal training for your brain.”

“It helped give me more tools to be a healthy person.”

“Discussing strategies and topics made them more relevant and easier to use.”

“This is the best I’ve felt in seven years. This works. It just works.”

“I loved this program.”

“Powerful. It works.”

“Loved this and will recommend to many others!”

“I think Mood Lifters is by far the best thing to EVER hit mental health.”

“Hats off, I had a great experience. Thank you so much.”

“I often use the things I learned in Mood Lifters.”

“Most valuable experience in some time.”

“I’m glad I came. It has helped improve my life.”

“Our group still gets together every few weeks [one year after our program ended]. We started out talking about challenges we were facing and how we could use the moodlifters tools/techniques we learned.

Now we talk about a book we read together, catch up and laugh like crazy.

I can see so much change and growth in these wonderful ladies that we all want to share!”

“The timing of the group and meetings coincided with a difficult time in life…an overall shift in perspective, control and ability was powerful.”

“Fantastic program! So glad I came. I will continue to work the program (in fact, will work it much harder). Excellent leaders too!”

“I felt empowered and in control to guide my future in a direction I wanted to head and one I looked forward to.”

“The comments of others in the group were very helpful and insightful.”

“Positive, practical, doable.”

“It has helped improve my mood, feel less depression.”

“The leadership was really effective and supportive.”

“Excellent, applicable techniques.”

“It’s very helpful to have a group that’s interested in learning about and discussing ways to improve and maintain mental wellness, rather than just reading about such things on my own.”

“Thank you. As a second-timer, the content, practice, accountability and encouragement has been helpful. I look forward to letting this go deeper, become more habitual and also share with others the concept and truth that we can lift our moods.”

“I am grateful. I cannot thank you enough for this program and the insights and epiphanies it has provided me. Life seems so much brighter and more hopeful than in a very long time!”

“You wouldn’t believe the changes I’ve made in my life since the course. Almost a month without alcohol, I find my mood is much better and I sleep through the night. I still count points, it has really made me more aware of taking better care of myself. Can’t thank you all enough!!!”

“Mood Lifters was very informative and helpful in realizing how our perception and thoughts can create anxiety and how to change our thoughts. I learned methods I will use for my whole life. Clearly a way to live a life of peace.”

“After a short amount of time, things began to turn around. I started to feel better about things. I felt more empowered and in control to guide my future in a direction that I wanted to head and one that I looked forward to. I’m now hopeful for a better future and have some tools to help me along the way. My marriage is better, my job is more rewarding, I’m taking pleasure in more of my day-to-day activities, my drinking has been curbed, and I’m truly happy to be here now.”

“Thank you Jenny and Teresa! It was a happy/sad day to say good-bye to you and our fellow group members last night. Bravo for leading us through a life changing learning curve to bring us new skills that we can use to improve our lives. I really appreciate your efforts to help us all! You two worked so well together; wise, reserved yet open to sharing examples, funny, good time-keepers.”

“I have taken two full courses consecutively of this program and it has changed my life. When I started, I was clinically depressed, medicated, barely functioning and in therapy. Today I feel as though I finally have myself back, I’m no longer medicated, I’ve lost nearly 20 lbs, I’m dating, again, I have new friends, I’m attending new groups, I’m excelling at work… This program has helped me more than any medication, therapy or therapist or other method I’ve tried–and I’ve tried a lot. I will be forever grateful for Mood Lifters and I will continue to implement all the information and strategies.”

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