Mental health challenges among young adults are more prevalent than ever. One problem is that many young people are not prepared for the stresses and challenges that come with leaving college and entering “the real world,” having a full-time job, bills to pay and a new work-life balance to adjust to. 

At Mood Lifters, we believe everyone should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to live a happy life and balance work and life. One should never come at the cost of the other. 

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Title: Young Workers Need Companies to Prioritize Mental Health

Author: Barbara Harvey

Audience: 18-30 year-olds

Keywords: Anxiety, Stress, Work-Life Balance, Mental Health , Inclusivity, Diversity, Boundaries, Resilience


  • 95% of (30 year-olds) have been touched by mental health challenges — either their own, or those of a friend, family member, or colleague. Three out of four have experienced personal challenges.
  • four in 10 of workers under 26 reported they had received no information or advice about taking care of their mental health before entering the workforce as part of their education
  • Cost of mental illness to employers: $44.6 billion and $56.7 billion/ year (an independent review)
  • in organizations that emphasize the importance of mental health, employees of all ages are almost four times more likely to say that work has a positive influence on them. Moreover, young employees were almost 37% less likely to have faced a recent mental health challenge, but twice as likely to say they can or could cope with one at work.