Nina Makel is a young mother of two (Toni Lynn, 12, and Jakayla, 4). Ever since the virus spread across the United States, Makel has been working 60-hour work weeks as a shopper for Amazon Fresh and InstaCart. Now that schools are cancelled and her kids are at home, Makel is forced to balance her very long work days, leaving the house at 7am and returning by 7 or 8pm, with taking care of her children and making sure they are safe, fed and at home doing their homework or playing. Her husband, a bus driver now receiving checks from home, helps balance the load of taking care of the kids, but the burden always falls disproportionately on the mother. Makel does the family’s laundry and wakes as early as 5 to make the day’s meals in advance. She’s also the main contact for the kids’ teachers, which means she gets the notification if someone doesn’t hand in an assignment on time. Although Makel is making enough money to provide for her family, her work-life balance is out of check and unsustainable in its current state. The stress of being a working mom comes with many invisible challenges. One thing working mothers can do to ease their minds and stress during this time is to connect with other mothers. Wellness groups provide a platform to share advice and share the load during these difficult times. At MoodLifters, we recognize the extra hours working moms are putting in to take care of and provide for their families, which is why we would like to help. Check out our website and contact us about special deals we have for working moms.

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