While many people believe they can function well on less than seven hours of sleep, it is usually not the case. Getting lots of high-quality sleep (i.e., 7-8 hours) will build a strong foundation for your progress throughout the program. In fact, a recent study showed that people who slept less then 7 and more than 8 were more likely to die of all causes.

Many people struggle to get enough sleep – and there are a lot of different reasons why. Poor sleep habits can be one reason. Lifestyle related issues can also interfere – like having a newborn baby or working at night. Mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders can also be a factor. For example, people who are depressed often wake up before they want to. People who are anxious tend to have a hard time falling, and staying, asleep. In all of these cases, poor sleep can contribute to or be a sign of mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety.