Is sleeping in on the weekend helpful or hurtful to your overall health?

This is a question we often get from participants. Unfortunately for those of us that sleep in, a recent study suggests that sleeping in on the weekends does not help us to catch up on those missed hours of sleep during the week.

“…sleeping in on the weekends doesn’t correct the body’s inability to regulate blood sugar if that weekend is followed by a workweek or school week full of insufficient sleep…”

Doctor Kenneth Wright Jr., who directs the sleep lab at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Dr. Deldin, the creator of Mood Lifters, has been studying sleep for the majority of her career. When deciding on the main categories for the program, she emphasized Sleep (Body, Mind, Mood, Social, and Behavior being the other five categories) because it so important to both physical and mental health.

During sleep meetings we discuss many tips and research based strategies on how to get a good night’s sleep and why it is so important. One of our main tips is to wake up at the same time everyday in an effort to regulate both our sleep cycle and circadian rhythm.

Want to read more about how sleep can affect our eating habits and Dr. Wright’s study of sleeping in? Check out the CNN article.

Have you tried waking up at the same time everyday to get your sleep points? Tell us about it in the comments.