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Podcast: The CUSP Show

Patricia Deldin on College Athlete Mental Health & Mood Lifters

With Patricia’s expertise in the field of mental health and her personal background as an ex-college athlete, Patricia started Mood Lifters. Mood Lifters is a mental health program that organizes member groups that are led by peer leaders. Specializing in the mental health of college athletes, Mood Lifters has support groups consisting of college athletes, led by (ex-)college athletes who endured all the trials and tribulations themselves. Camille Davre is such a peer leader at Mood Lifters. She joins this podcast to talk about her role as a peer leader and college athlete, and how college athletes’ mental health issues are best understood by other college athletes. In this episode, we take a deep dive into all aspects of the mental health of (college) athletes. You do not want to miss out on this engaging and insightful episode on The CUSP show. The CUSP Show is a production by the faculty of Sports Management at Columbia University.

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Article in We Love Dexter

Chelsea Hospital Sponsors Mood Lifters For Seniors At Dexter Wellness Center

Starting on Sept. 6, Dexter area community members 65 years and older will have the opportunity to participate in a novel mental wellness program specifically adapted for seniors by University of Michigan researchers. The in-person group is being offered through the Dexter Senior Center at a minimal cost, thanks to generous sponsorship by Chelsea Hospital as a part of the hospital’s response to increasing mental health needs in Michigan communities and concerns related to access to effective, accessible, timely care.

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