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OnMain.Today: Local Stories: Surviving Mental Illness

“The main part of my story, that I really want to get across, is the fact that I didn’t know how badly I was feeling until I started feeling better. That was big for me because I felt like I was doing okay. If you had asked me how I was doing, I would have said I was fine and I wouldn’t have felt like I was being dishonest.”

“Grace” as Interviewed by Dough Marrin for OnMain.Today

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OnMain.Today: Local Stories: Ghost in the Machine | the secret dual life of mental illness

“I’m very happy that I have learned skills to cope and regulate my emotions and my thoughts. I find much more joy in the day. It’s an amazing mindset change from always seeing problems to being able to see goodness, joy, or something rewarding. There is something to appreciate each day, and it builds momentum towards a positive future.”

“David” as interviewed by Doug Marrin for OnMain.Today

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OnMain.Today: Mood Lifters pioneers a new approach to mental wellness, locally, for all of us

“What we’re trying to do is meet people where they’re at,” says Dr. Deldin. “We want to help people live the life they’ve always wanted. A life deep with meaning, with less anxiety and depression, with more joy and contentment, and better relationships.”

Dr. Deldin, as interviewed by Doug Marrin of OnMain.Today

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Listen to Dr. Deldin’s radio interview with WEMU’s Lisa Barry as part of Art & Soul: The Art Of Well Being – New ‘Mood Lifters’ Program Will Help Build Lives Worth Living

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Click on Detroit: Mood Lifters offers Ann Arbor mental health program with YMCA

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MLive: Ann Arbor YMCA offers 15-week mental health support program

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