Mood Lifters is proud to be working with community members within the Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County area. Check out where we’ve been mentioned in the news!

Article Published by University of Michigan Depression Center

Mood Lifters: Training For Mental Health

The ability to cope with stress and difficult situations is important for all adults in leading healthy, fulfilling lives. Mood Lifters is a 15-week program that guides members to improved mental health. With program materials developed based on the latest science, Mood Lifters aims to address problems in mental health care of accessibility, cost, and effectiveness…

Written by Lucia Kim. Lucia is the Communications Assistant for the Depression Center and the Department of Psychiatry.

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Local News Coverage

WEMU: Interview with Corner Health Center’s Kamilah Davis-Wilson

An interview with one of our fabulous partners at the Corner Health Center. They are a fabulous organization providing real help during this time of crisis. Mood Lifters could not be more proud of our partnership with them.

Restrictions put in place during the COVID-19 health crisis have to started to ease up recently.  Many nonprofit organizations, including the Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti, are introducing new safety procedures in their work.  The center’s community outreach and youth development manager, Kamilah Davis-Wilson, joins WEMU’s Lisa Barry and Concentrate Media’s Sarah Rigg to discuss their new ways of serving the public in this week’s installment of “On the Ground-Ypsi.”

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Local Newsletter Coverage

Local Rotary Clubs Focus on Mental Health

A special sendout from the Chelsea rotary club details community mental health efforts, including a partnership with Mood Lifters:

In addition, Rotary clubs are sponsoring training programs for suicide prevention and awareness (safeTALK) and mental wellness (Mood Lifters). Many rotary clubs have committed to bring speakers to their meetings to raise visibility for community resources on mental health. They are inviting the general public to join with Rotary clubs by taking action in support of families in youth. 

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Dr. Deldin Interview:

Staying Psychologically Sound In Light Of Health Concerns From Coronavirus

A radio interview with Mood Lifters creator Dr. Patricia Deldin on 89.1 WEMU

Dr. Deldin’s recommendations to handle anxiety include:

  • Attending to self care and self compassion.
  • Eating healthy and exercising.
  • Staying informed, but also staying in touch with loved ones and friends.
  • Staying connected with other people through social media and phone calls and try not to be alone.
  • Remaining mindful of keeping and maintaining social relationships as much as possible.
  • Trying to stay connected socially in other ways.

If you still feel overwhelmed by your anxiety, it’s best to contact your health care provider.

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Detroit Catholic: After losing her daughter to suicide, parishioner’s dream is to offer help for others

An extraordinary article about Catherine Galdes, a friend of Mood Lifters and host of one of our groups.

“Galdes wants to see a change in treatment options for teens and young adults with depression, including care facilities that specialize in depression. Currently, by law, hospitalization in a psychiatric unit is the only option for children at risk of suicide.

A month after Bethany passed away, Galdes’ sister arranged for a priest to celebrate a special Mass in her back yard on what would have been Bethany’s 17th birthday with Galdes and 70 friends and family. The next year, as they gathered again, a friend suggested that Galdes start a foundation — a recommendation she took to heart.

Later this month, the Bethany Anne Galdes Foundation, which seeks to raise awareness about depression and gather resources for treatment approaches and research, will mark its fourth year with a Founders Day Celebration.”

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Excellence 4 Dexter Schools February 2020 Newsletter: Mental Health Fundraiser

“Dexter Community Schools is partnering with the University of Michigan to bring ‘Mood Lifters’ groups to students in grades 5-12. Mood Lifters will help participants learn new, science-based strategies that will help to improve their mental health and overall well-being.  Mood Lifters session topics for kids and teens differ, but generally address issues related to identifying and managing emotions, successful problem-solving, stress reduction, positive relationships, resilient coping, and building confidence in one’s skills and abilities.”

Excellence 4 Dexter Students

OnMain.Today: Local Stories: Surviving Mental Illness

“The main part of my story, that I really want to get across, is the fact that I didn’t know how badly I was feeling until I started feeling better. That was big for me because I felt like I was doing okay. If you had asked me how I was doing, I would have said I was fine and I wouldn’t have felt like I was being dishonest.”

“Grace” as Interviewed by Dough Marrin for OnMain.Today

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OnMain.Today: Local Stories: Ghost in the Machine | the secret dual life of mental illness

“I’m very happy that I have learned skills to cope and regulate my emotions and my thoughts. I find much more joy in the day. It’s an amazing mindset change from always seeing problems to being able to see goodness, joy, or something rewarding. There is something to appreciate each day, and it builds momentum towards a positive future.”

“David” as interviewed by Doug Marrin for OnMain.Today

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OnMain.Today: Mood Lifters pioneers a new approach to mental wellness, locally, for all of us

“What we’re trying to do is meet people where they’re at,” says Dr. Deldin. “We want to help people live the life they’ve always wanted. A life deep with meaning, with less anxiety and depression, with more joy and contentment, and better relationships.”

Dr. Deldin, as interviewed by Doug Marrin of OnMain.Today

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Check out articles about our collaboration with the Ann Arbor YMCA

Listen to Dr. Deldin’s radio interview with WEMU’s Lisa Barry as part of Art & Soul: The Art Of Well Being – New ‘Mood Lifters’ Program Will Help Build Lives Worth Living

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Click on Detroit: Mood Lifters offers Ann Arbor mental health program with YMCA

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MLive: Ann Arbor YMCA offers 15-week mental health support program

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