It is scientifically proven that art can have positive effects on our mood and can help improve our mental health. But what is it about art that gives it the power to help us so?

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Art Fundraiser for Mental Health

Join us on August 12 from 4-8 pm to share art, music community at Spot Lite, 2905 Beaufait St, Detroit, MI

“We are so excited to partner with Mood Lifters in their work to minimize the stigma surrounding mental health. We love that this program is an affordable and social solution to mental health care and that it gives you real and practical tools that you can use everyday.”
• Katie & Kelsey, Wevolve Founders

Mood Lifters is honored to work with Wevolve to rewrite the narrative surrounding mental health after the loss of their dear friend, Deon Santiago.

Deon’s Story

Deon was always a curious boy growing up – always loved messing with and fixing things. His love for his family and friends was undeniable. They would describe him as full of love, laughter and curiosity, always smiling and willing to help anyone at any moment. Deon always had an odd sense of humor and loved to joke around with people – his way of showing you that he loves you. Deon’s absence has left an immeasurable void in those that love him and still, his light shines through all of us.

His family and friends want anyone who is struggling with their mental health to know that they are truly loved and wanted and needed by more people than they realize. Hope and help are real and your future is so worth getting to witness.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to sponsor Mood Lifters group membership for economically disadvantaged young adults in need of proven mental wellness strategies to live healthier and happier lives. Learn more here