Last week we talked about three more Thinking Traps, this week we have a new strategy to add to your list of thought challenges from our Thinking Trap meetings.

We use these strategies in our Thought Journals, a tool used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to challenge thinking traps. In our meetings where we focus on Thinking Traps, we discuss 8 different strategies. When using strategies, you can use any of them to challenge any Thinking Trap. Therefore you an use the new strategy below to challenge any of the Thinking Traps from last week, as well as the ones we discuss in the meetings.

The Survey Method, is very similar to the Experimental Method in that it asks you to test the validity of your negative thought. Rather than sit with your thought, ask a trusted friend what they have done in similar situations. The goal is to figure out how irrational or realistic your thought might be based on other people’s experience in similar situations.

For example: If you get a big promotion and find that you feel like it isn’t that big of deal. You might be experiencing the thinking trap of minimizing. Using the Survey Method, you would talk to a friend about what they felt in similar situations and whether or not your thought is rational.

What do you think of the Survey Method? Have you used this strategy before without realizing? Let us know what you think in the comments below.