Employers (both self-insured and fully insured), Health Plans and other Community Organizations care about three things:

  • The well-being of their employees, members and constituents

  • The healthcare costs of their people

  • Work and overall life productivity and enjoyment

Unfortunately, mental health in the workplace doesn’t often meet those standards. Typically, half of the population suffers from stress, depression, anxiety, or low mood.

Multiple factors may affect employee mental health, including:

  • Work stress and problems on the job

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Health problems

  • Financial difficulties

  • Death of loved ones

  • Stress of caregiving

  • Abuse

  • Harassment

Without proper mental health treatment, these issues may result in:

  • Employee conflict

  • Negativity or burnout

  • Lack of engagement

  • Absences from work

  • Increases in health care costs

  • Poor judgement

  • Lack of cooperation

  • Low job satisfaction

Yet, in spite of the high prevalence of poor employee mental health, EAP programs suffer from very low participation rates due to stigma and fear of job loss. In addition, when employees and spouses do seek treatment options, almost none of these people follow through on getting help past the initial referral. Using trained counselors can be very expensive, particularly when you think about scale. Digital programs offer some help and can scale at a low cost but, for the most part, are less effective. Employees who seek these forms of treatment often return to a poor state of emotional and mental health.

If an employer, health plan, community organization or physician practice seeks to meaningfully improve the mental well-being of their population, they need a new, innovative program of care with real results. The program has to promote high participation, be efficacious in the short and long-term, have high satisfaction rates, and to be cost-effective.

Mood Lifters has developed such a method and product. Mood Lifters offers a 15 week, 60 minute per meeting, peer or leader led program. The leader led approach makes this a less intimidating and more casual environment. Leaders are peers who have completed the program; this makes them more approachable. Meetings can be run either on or off campus and facilitators can be company employees, community personnel, nurses or Mood Lifters peer leaders. The program was developed by well-known mental health experts, so the program adheres to the latest and best science. Outcomes have been longitudinally measured so the program is proven to work. It has exceptionally high satisfaction rates from people who have participated. It also has high participation rates and completion rates – employees will actually use it. It is also cost-effective for organizations to offer. Mood Lifters can provide a significant return on investment to employers and health plans who pay attention to, and care about, the emotional health of their employees and members.  In addition it will improve the health of the population for community organizations and help them with their overall mission.

Mood Lifters meetings include:

  • Weekly check in on emotional health
  • Education about evidence-based skills and techniques that improve mood
  • Activities that teach the application of positive mental health strategies in everyday life
  • Accountability for engaging in skills/techniques outside of the meetings

Mood Lifters takes a comprehensive approach to mental and emotional health by introducing skills and techniques from a variety of areas including the body, mind, mood, sleep, relationship and activities.

Mood Lifters follows the peer-lead group model much like Weight Watchers does for weight management. When properly applied using the clinical guidelines applied by the Mood Lifters scientists, it can have a tremendous impact on employee productivity and lead to lower health care costs. Additionally, it will improve the overall well-being of employees and spouses all in a cost-effective way. What more could you ask for?

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