Investing in the emotional wellbeing of your employees is good business.

of Americans will have a mental illness in their lifetime
of Americans will have a mental illness this year


Mental health concerns have skyrocketed during the pandemic. Unfortunately, many people do not get the help they need because there is a strong desire to get better on your own and they hold negative beliefs about therapy/mental illness (stigma). Even if they want to get care, the cost of sessions and the lack of providers makes getting evidence based care challenging. These barriers can be especially pronounced in workplace settings.


Mood Lifters for Organizations

Mood Lifters is a revolutionary, highly cost-effective approach to improved mental wellness that addresses the shortcomings of traditional and digital health approaches. Our program empowers participants to change their own lives, addressing their desire to improve on their own.

The leaders are peers who have themselves completed the program, reducing the stigma of seeking help. And, participants report decreased perceived stress, anxiety and depression. There is far less stigma associated with attending a peer group session (in fact, our members often call it “class”) that provides social support and human connection, which is lacking in one-to-one sessions or mobile app approaches.





Nutrition & Dehydration


Problem Solving

Thought Awareness

Thought Changes


Character Strengths

Emotion Awareness

Emotion Regulation


Values in Action

Behavioral Change


Making Connections



Program Benefits

  • Decrease health care costs

  • Increase performance and productivity

  • Increase physical capability and daily functioning

  • Improve social functioning (e.g., lessen conflicts)

  • Improves the efficacy of your other Wellness and Chronic Illness Management programs

  • Can improve employee/member retention

  • COVID-19 Update: Significant decreases in depression and anxiety in our members during the pandemic

The Program Works

“Mood Lifters helped me feel understood and gave me an outlet to open up about my personal experiences. It also gave me tools to use in my everyday challenges.”

“Mood Lifters was very informative and helpful in realizing how our perception and thoughts can create anxiety and how to change our thoughts. I learned methods I will use for my whole life.”

“I think Mood Lifters is by far the best thing to EVER hit mental health.”

“It’s a support system and the system works!”

“I am so grateful for this program! I believe in it through and through, and I think it meets a huge need. I love that it’s based on actual research, and I honestly wish I had more time on my hands because I would love to become part of this in a bigger way. It’s beautifully designed, it’s accessible but not too simplified, and it appeals to my scientific mind.”

“This program is like personal training for your brain.”

“I felt empowered and in control to guide my future in a direction I wanted to head and one I looked forward to.”

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Organizations We Work With

Mood Lifters has worked with many organizations including schools, foundations, low income housing, business, education wellness practices and wellness centers. In addition to the University of Michigan, the following are some of the organizations we are working with.