Does It Work?

Yes, Mood Lifters works. We know this from the feedback we get from our group members and our ongoing data analysis on our measures.

Our group member stories are powerful. We have group members who have tried therapy and it wasn’t helpful. We also have participants who had lost hope in getting better. Despite their previous experiences, Mood Lifters changed their lives. Read their stories here.

However, testimonials are not a complete picture. Our leadership team cares deeply about science, so we did not stop there. The Mood Lifters team tested Mood Lifters in a randomized control trial, the gold standard for scientific research. The results reinforced the value of Mood Lifters and launched the company in January of 2019.

Once the company launched, we remained committed to increasing accessibility to evidence-based intervention and felt that the Mood Lifters program must have ongoing testing and refinement. Based on this commitment, we run continued analyses to ensure that our program continues to work for our group members and customers.

To see specific results from our randomized control trial, the Mood Lifters company and Mood Lifters during the COVID-19 pandemic, please keep reading.