Art to unwrap from winter’s blahs

Although snow still falls, winter should be winding down. Recreational engagement with art can play a powerful role in wellness and healing, whether through creating or simply experiencing by way of viewing or listening. A survey of American medical facilities as far back as 2007 indicated they included arts programs because "they aided in the mental [...]

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Coping with the emotions of the Holidays

Holiday is a time that requires additional planning and preparation; meals, gifts, gatherings, travel. In addition to the regular planning needed to get through the season, consider how you'll plan to cope with the additional stresses that come with all of those activities. Take the suggestions listed to heart and make sure you set choices around [...]

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Gratitude’s many benefits

As we prepare for holiday gatherings, put together a recipe for genuine gratitude to improve physical, mental and social well-being. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The country has further opened up and we've learned physically healthy strategies for gathering with friends and family. Those deferred social gatherings also require strategies for maintaining our emotional well-being. [...]

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Elections and Emotions

Election season is coming to a close. Strategies for coping through Tuesday and on to holiday gatherings. The 2022 mid-term election season has felt as stressful as any we can remember, with 71% of voters believing our very democracy is at risk. Voters are increasingly suspicious and divided such that the very act of voting itself [...]

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