Is Melatonin Safe?

With the supplement industry on the rise, many people are turning to Melatonin to help them get to sleep. But does it really work? And is it safe to use? Taking supplements is something you should make sure to discuss with your doctor to ensure it does not interact with other medications and to ensure you’re [...]

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Why do we need so much sleep?

Humans sleep for almost 1/3 of their lives. Have you ever wondered why we need so much sleep? And what happens when we don’t get enough sleep? While we are sleeping our body is performing important biological functions that help maintain both our mental and physical health. Dr. Deldin, the creator of Mood Lifters, emphasizes sleep [...]

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Further Info: Sleeping in on the Weekends

Is sleeping in on the weekend helpful or hurtful to your overall health? This is a question we often get from participants. Unfortunately for those of us that sleep in, a recent study suggests that sleeping in on the weekends does not help us to catch up on those missed hours of sleep during the week. [...]

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