Finding meaning in life enhances well-being

Striving to find meaning in life has been a part of human nature for most of recorded history and cultures around the globe. Research shows that finding meaning in life enhances psychological well being. The current climate (in its many interpretations) feels particularly unsettling and so much is beyond our control. Making sense of your life, [...]

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Change: How to process change and thrive in 2023

Change. Whether you're making positive aspirations or coping with difficult situations, transitions are challenges. As we plan for the new year we can feel both enthusiastic and nervous. It's important to remember that the aspect of change that we have control over is how we respond to it. "Maybe instead of simply wishing for a happier [...]

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Coping with the emotions of the Holidays

Holiday is a time that requires additional planning and preparation; meals, gifts, gatherings, travel. In addition to the regular planning needed to get through the season, consider how you'll plan to cope with the additional stresses that come with all of those activities. Take the suggestions listed to heart and make sure you set choices around [...]

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Halloween; healthy habits & choices

As we're surrounded by sugar-laden Halloween treats, who doesn't succumb to the temptation. (Honestly, the ever-evolving versions of peanut butter cups that keep appearing in store aisles feels like a personal dietary challenge directly targeted at me!) Although a regular diet of processed & high sugar foods is proven to negatively impact our mental health, there's [...]

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