Final thoughts on the ties between physical & psychological well-being

Writing this final edition of the Moody News and considering wellness and change while Covid quarantining, truly brings home the connection between physical and mental health. Advances in medicine have shown how our nervous system and hormones affect our susceptibility to diseases. According to Dr. Esther Sternberg, prolonged feelings of stress and depression compromise the body's [...]

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Art to unwrap from winter’s blahs

Although snow still falls, winter should be winding down. Recreational engagement with art can play a powerful role in wellness and healing, whether through creating or simply experiencing by way of viewing or listening. A survey of American medical facilities as far back as 2007 indicated they included arts programs because "they aided in the mental [...]

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Mental well-being and a healthy brain

The Global Council on Brain Health took a look at the reciprocal connection between brain health and mental well-being. There is a growing body of evidence reinforcing the need for viewing the health of our brain, mind & emotions holistically. Read this Article at AARP and Download the Recommendations

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