New Research Reinforces the Benefits of Sleep

Fitness trackers aid in going beyond self-reporting to enhance evaluation of sleep. Study shows 63% of participants over 45 got less than 7 hours per night. The study sought to look at sleep as associated with cardiovascular disease risk factors and looked at not just the amount of sleep but the quality – how a person [...]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A sedentary lifestyle has already been linked with an increased risk for breast cancer based on data from observational studies, but a new study with different methodology provides stronger evidence of causality. Read this Article at Medscape

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Halloween; healthy habits & choices

As we're surrounded by sugar-laden Halloween treats, who doesn't succumb to the temptation. (Honestly, the ever-evolving versions of peanut butter cups that keep appearing in store aisles feels like a personal dietary challenge directly targeted at me!) Although a regular diet of processed & high sugar foods is proven to negatively impact our mental health, there's [...]

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