The SMART Method of Goal Setting

Research shows that working towards a meaningful goal is fulfilling and contributes to well- being. Setting goals helps you organize your time and concentrate on the most important aspects of your life. As you work towards your goals, you’ll start to feel more in control of your life, more motivated, and more self-confident. In every Mood [...]

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Mood Lifters: How Points Work

Mood Lifters is a point-based program where you will have different daily tasks to complete in order to receive points. Mood Lifters tracks your progress with points. Points are given to recognize your efforts at practicing and applying the skills you learn about during the meetings after you leave class – in your everyday life. Every [...]

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Strategies: Practice Makes Perfect!

In order to make real and lasting changes, you’ll need to practice on your own. As you begin to make healthy behaviors a habit you are making progress towards living the life you want. Each week of the program builds on the week before, and you’ll continue to use the strategies learned each week throughout the [...]

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Fumbles, flubs, clangers, and fluffs

Why do athletes, and, you know, the rest of us, choke under pressure? This entertaining article from Claudia R. Capos in Michigan Today explains the Psychological underpinnings of this phenomena. Read More:

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