Research shows that working towards a meaningful goal is fulfilling and contributes to well- being. Setting goals helps you organize your time and concentrate on the most important aspects of your life. As you work towards your goals, you’ll start to feel more in control of your life, more motivated, and more self-confident. In every Mood Lifters meeting, you will set SMART goals for each of the topics.

Specific: Ask yourself, why, what, where, how, when and with whom?

Measurable: Decide how you will measure your results. In other words, how will you know
you have met your goal?

Attainable: Determine whether you have the amount of time, money, skill, and/or ability to make the effort needed to achieve your goal.

Relevant: Understand why you want to achieve your goal and what makes it meaningful or important to you.

Time-bound: Set a deadline (or multiple deadlines) to help keep you on track.