As we prepare for holiday gatherings, put together a recipe for genuine gratitude to improve physical, mental and social well-being.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The country has further opened up and we’ve learned physically healthy strategies for gathering with friends and family. Those deferred social gatherings also require strategies for maintaining our emotional well-being. Practicing gratitude is one such strategy. As the above article lays out, there are a variety of ways of building the trait of gratitude by building on those moments and situations of thankfulness.

It’s an opportunity to build on the practice of mindfulness mentioned in last week’s News by concentrating intentionally on the feeling of receiving or sharing gratefulness. In so doing, you can immerse yourself in the experience. This short article reveals some additional health benefits and offers suggestions for improving your relationships through gratitude activities. (Something especially valuable through the holidays!)

Consider how you might use these or other of your Mood Lifters strategies as you plan for holiday gatherings. If you need additional strategies or help to put them into action, consider joining an upcoming Mood Lifters group just after Thanksgiving.

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