Election season is coming to a close. Strategies for coping through Tuesday and on to holiday gatherings.

The 2022 mid-term election season has felt as stressful as any we can remember, with 71% of voters believing our very democracy is at risk. Voters are increasingly suspicious and divided such that the very act of voting itself has become a point of contention. Election stress is real – before, during and after. Voting to make your voice heard is a powerful tool in and of itself however, as the election itself comes to a close, it’s important to consider how you will respond to the results if they’re not what you hoped for, and how you’ll move forward.

Shifting your focus and engaging in mindfulness strategies can be effective ways of coping. Concentrate your focus on how you’re feeling without judging those feelings. You can also engage in mindfulness through stepping away from thoughts and worries about the election and fully engaging in entirely separate activities.

Consider how you might use these or other of your Mood Lifters strategies to avoid thinking traps and actively re-frame post-election issues as you plan for holiday gatherings. If you need additional strategies or help to put them into action, consider joining an upcoming Mood Lifters group just after Thanksgiving.

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