From Hofstra University in New York: An extraordinary Self-Help guide for mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please pass on to any who could benefit from it.

Download Here

From William C. Sanderson, PHD:

Since we posted the first version last week we received a significant amount of positive feedback and thus I am taking the liberty of posting the second version for those who may be interested.

We would like to make this document available to as many people as possible, especially the general public, and thus, we ask that you forward the attached pdf or the website address provided above to anyone who you believe may benefit from it (including posting on social media and listservs for general availability).

Please note that if you have seen the first version, this SECOND VERSION has been substantially improved.  Most of the areas covered in the first version have been edited, many new areas have been added in response to the evolving nature of the COVID crisis, and the document and website have now been formatted to provide an easier reading experience.

I hope you are well.