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How to make this winter not totally suck

Many people are dreading Winter 2020, which is predicted to increase the danger of contracting COVID-19, and may further socially isolate a population already exhausted and depressed from spending so much of this year alone. We found this Vox explainer, which does an excellent job listing the ways in which people can boost their mental health during [...]

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10 Ways Sleep Can Change Your Life

Sleep is a deeply important part of the Mood Lifters program. Time after time the data has shown that sleep is an essential pillar of good mental health. In this article, CNN describes the massive benefits to physical and mental health sleep provides. "It sounds too good to be true, as if solving those problems would really [...]

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What is forgiveness and how do you do it?

What is forgiveness and how does it happen? Nancy Colier LCSW, Rev. in Psychology today illustrates beautifully the power of forgiveness. We talk so much about forgiveness, throw around so many slogans, and yet it seems that we all have radically different ideas about what it actually means. We want to know how to forgive and [...]

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A Working Mom’s Quarantine Life

Nina Makel is a young mother of two (Toni Lynn, 12, and Jakayla, 4). Ever since the virus spread across the United States, Makel has been working 60-hour work weeks as a shopper for Amazon Fresh and InstaCart. Now that schools are cancelled and her kids are at home, Makel is forced to balance her very [...]

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