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The Problem

70% of people report feeling stressed and over 30% report symptoms of anxiety and depression, yet many people do not feel comfortable seeking help from a therapist or psychiatrist. Even when people are open to seeking help from a caregiver, many cannot afford the high cost of traditional mental health services, are placed on long wait lists, or can’t find providers who offer care based on science.

Our Solution

We offer a cutting edge, science-based wellness program that teaches people how to live happier, healthier lives. Our comprehensive approach is designed to address the complex biological, psychological and social causes and consequences of mental health challenges. We help you take steps in all these areas toward better mental health. And, it works! Our research shows that group members typically experience decreased depression, anxiety or stress.

How do we do this? Together.

Mood Lifters provides weekly group meetings in which peer leaders teach a series of science-based strategies that improve mood, relationships and well-being. During the program you will have multiple opportunities to practice, reinforce and perfect the strategies with the support of both leaders and fellow group members. At the end of the program, you will know which strategies work best for you and how to apply them to your unique situation. We offer effective training and support but you call the shots. We believe that the power to make positive changes resides within you.

Mood Lifters should not be confused with online sources of traditional health care or medication that have proliferated in these post pandemic times. Mood Lifters is a revolutionary and effective peer-led support system that happens to be available online. We designed it to be extraordinarily affordable and accessible to a broad range of people facing common mental health challenges.